New Construction Roofing in Calgary

When you’re not a roofing professional, using the terms “new construction roofing” and “roof replacement” interchangeably can be easy. While you get a new roof in both scenarios, they are different processes. Here’s what you need to know about new construction roofing in Calgary. 

It Differs from Roof Replacement and Repair

There’s a big difference between new construction roofing and roof replacement. Roof replacement refers to replacing a roof that was already installed on a home. New construction roofing is a much more involved process of creating a roof that will work with a newly constructed home. 

Depending on the specs of the home, the roof needs to be designed to work perfectly with the new build. Roof replacement has a foundation in place, and new construction roofing means that you’re starting from scratch.

You Can Expect a Higher Price Tag

Typically, new construction roofing costs more than replacing an existing roof. This increased expense is due to the comprehensive nature of building a new roof from the ground up. Various elements influence the total cost of your new construction roofing.

Factors that affect your new construction roofing cost include:

  • The overall size of the roof
  • The slope or pitch
  • The duration of the construction project
  • The types of materials selected

For an accurate estimate of your new construction roofing expenses, it’s best to consult with Calgary roofing professionals. They’ll need the square footage details of your project to provide informed recommendations and cost projections for your specific needs.

You Have More Options

When building your roof from scratch, you have more options than a roof replacement. A roof replacement must match the existing home, but you have much more freedom with new construction roofing. 

You Want to Hire the Best Professionals

Choosing skilled professionals, like the team at Optik Roofing, is crucial for your new construction project. The quality of a roof’s installation significantly impacts its performance and longevity. A well-installed roof guarantees security, durability, and optimal functioning over the years. Alternatively, a substandard installation can lead to a surge in maintenance needs and premature replacement.

By choosing experienced professionals for your new construction roofing, you can be confident in a well-done job. A roof installed with expertise not only lasts longer and requires minimal upkeep but also enhances the overall safety and comfort of your property.

New Construction Roofing in Calgary with Optik Roofing

Optik Roofing is the right team for the job for your new construction roofing project. Our locally-owned and operated roofing company has years of experience creating the perfect roof for new properties. With the residential expansion in Calgary and the need for new construction roofing across the city, trust the team at Optik Roofing.