You may be experiencing some of the signs that your roof needs to be replaced. The most important sign is if you notice curling or cupping on any shingles, cracked tiles or boards, and bald spots where granules are missing. This could mean accelerated aging due to either weather conditions or poor construction quality. This will lead to eventual roof failure. Book a free consultation with us and we will let you know if your roof needs replacing or if we can get by with some repairs.

If you’re concerned that your roof has damage, several signs may reveal its state and how you should handle it. The first step is to arrange for an interior and exterior inspection by calling us to come and inspect your roof. We will determine if repairs can be made now before a new roof later down the line. These issues may need professional attention from qualified contractors from our team to resolve them efficiently. Whether you need a new roof or not will depend on how long the issue has remained and what else might have been affected such as frame, drywall, electrical, etc. If the issue has persisted long enough and the area affected is bigger, a new roof will be in order.

Depending on your roofing needs, there are many options for quality products to service your roof. Each material brings its advantages depending on your needs and the level of expertise needed to install your roof correctly! No matter what size your residential or commercial property requires, we can figure out which roofing needs best fit your budget and requirements so that together we make sure your project meets all expectations.

If you want to avoid future problems, it’s important that your roofing has only one layer. Homeowners often struggle with this decision and wonder if they can have two layers of shingle on top of each other or not. However, there are some major issues associated with doing so… if you have damaged old shingles, they all must come off before we begin the installation of the new roof.

Should you get a new roof? Not necessarily! Leaks can happen for many reasons… such as cracked tiles, failing roofing, and including loose flashings or damage to an area of your home’s construction. But if you find that the repair seems too serious and permanent, there isn’t much hope in repairing these kinds of issues since they stem from poor installation practices or incorrect material choices. In this case, where other areas are being affected you would want to ensure your whole roof is replaced. We will provide a free consultation and roof inspection to let you know if you need a simple repair or if you need a new roof.

We do not suggest it. You should never attempt anything that could harm yourself or damage your home’s structure. Professional contractors are trained in safe practices for any type of project, so you’ll be guaranteed a high-quality job without risking things going wrong.

What factors determine the lifespan of a new or replacement roofing material? Roofing materials such as tiles and shingle fabric materials are very different now than 20 years ago. Your roof will last generally anywhere between 10-20 years in different climates around Canada but some could last up to 30!

You have two basic choices: a complete replacement or covering up of your existing roof. If you’ve already had one done in the past and it was covered with an overlap, then be aware that building code requirements usually only allow for one more layer before requiring full removal/ installation again. If we are replacing your shingles, we will be sure to remove the older layer of shingles.

The value of your home is often defined by what’s on top of it. A new roof can be a great way to increase its appraisal, as it signifies that the property owner cares about maintenance and upkeep. One study found 68% returns when investing into this type of piece-of-mind protection while other research revealed much higher returns up to 80%.

Roofing a building is an investment that can offer great returns on your commercial property. The cost and material used for the project will impact how much you get back and most commercial properties increase their value after installation when compared to other buildings of similar size in good condition.