National Roofing Week with Optik Roofing

The first week of June represents National Roofing Week, an event organized by the Canadian Roofing Contractors Association (CRCA) to promote Canada’s roofing industry.

Working in partnership with provincial roofing associations, this social media campaign aims to help the general public gain a deeper understanding of the roofing industry in residential, industrial, and commercial. It recognizes the knowledge, effort, and professionalism of association members and roofing contractors across Canada.

Throughout the week, Optik Roofing, along with other CRCA members, will promote the roofing industry, celebrating various services we provide, team members, and successes.

Why We Celebrate The Roofing Industry

Optik Roofing, along with other roofing contractors in Calgary and across Canada, celebrates National Roofing Week for numerous reasons.

  1. To improve awareness of commercial and industrial roofing and bring attention to its importance.
  2. To increase awareness of the roofing trade, in general, and educate the public on its benefits.
  3. To promote the value of hiring a CRCA member when planning a roofing project.

Help Us Celebrate Roofing Contractors this National Roofing Week

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