Roof Replacement in Calgary

Whether upsizing or downsizing, selling your home comes with numerous considerations. Depending on the condition, many homeowners opt to sell their homes as is, which can result in a lower sale price. Some homeowners opt to make upgrades to increase the value of their homes and improve curb appeal, which can help speed up the sale process. Significant home improvements like roof replacement are an investment that boosts the value before selling. 

Impact of Roof Replacement on Home Value

A new roof can indeed enhance a home’s market value. According to Canadian reports, a new roof can add as much as $17,000 to the value of your property. While you may not be able to sell your home for exactly $17,000 more to offset the cost of a new roof, it can help the selling process move more quickly and smoothly. 

In Alberta, a seller is required to disclose to potential buyers if there’s damage to the roof, so a new roof would eliminate the need to negotiate a lower price due to poor condition. Buyers expect a functioning roof to be part of a well-maintained house, not an additional feature. Opting for a new roof is a wise choice if your roof requires replacement due to age or damage.

Considerations Before Choosing Roof Replacement

If you haven’t replaced your roof in the last few years, here are some aspects to consider before opting for a roof replacement:

  • Roof Condition: A roof in poor condition can deter potential buyers, as they know they will have to pay for and deal with the replacement. If your roof shows signs of significant wear, leaks, or structural issues, replacing it can make your property more attractive and prevent price reductions.
  • Home Value: A new roof might align with buyer expectations and be a wise investment for properties in upscale neighbourhoods. In other neighbourhoods, it could be the difference maker in a sale. 
  • Market Conditions: Calgary’s real estate market has seen significant shifts in recent years and is currently in a seller’s market. In a seller’s market, you might sell ‘as-is.’ In a buyer’s market, a new roof can make your home more appealing and result in a higher price.
  • Pricing Strategy: Your willingness to quickly sell or wait for the best offer can influence whether you should replace the roof.
  • Inspection and Appraisal: A pre-listing inspection can identify roofing issues, allowing you to address them and avoid negotiation problems.
  • Buyer Preferences: Know your target market. Some buyers prefer move-in-ready homes and might pay more for them.
  • Transferable Warranties: A new roof with a transferable warranty can enhance property value and appeal to buyers.

Making the Decision

Replacing your roof before selling should be tailored to your circumstances. If the roof is in poor condition, replacing it can simplify the selling process, reducing negotiations and resulting in a faster sale. 

But in other situations, market dynamics and personal selling goals come into play. Consider a professional inspection to make an informed decision that suits your financial and timing needs.

For those opting for roof replacement, understanding the cost and finding a reliable contractor are vital steps. A new roof is not just an aesthetic upgrade; it’s an investment in your home’s overall appeal and marketability.

Choosing Optik Roofing for Your Roof Replacement in Calgary

With our commitment to the best customer service possible, our team of experienced roofers can be the best choice for your roof replacement. Whether you’re in your forever home and need an upgrade or are about to put your property on the market, a roof replacement with the proper installation is a quality investment in your home. 

With various shingle options available, we can transform your home with a beautiful, expertly installed roof that will provide protection and energy efficiency for years to come. With a 2-year warranty on our workmanship, your residential roof replacement will be an investment you’ll be happy you made.